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The Dragon Tutor

The Dragon Tutor - Mar Mai I don't read a lot of graphic novels despite admiring the medium because I typically find them difficult to follow with tiny text amidst visually noisy scenes. Not so with "The Dragon Tutor", which is a wholly pleasant read with gorgeous images and exactly the right pacing through the speech to carry me through the story.

I read it most of the way through on my own, then got my seven-year-old daughter and read it through with her in one sitting. We both really enjoyed it. The story was intriguing with a good balance of humour and drama. There were enough silly jokes to keep her laughing and enough depth of story to keep me interested.

There were a couple of places where the story seemed to jump between scenes a little abruptly, but these were minor and I was able to follow along well enough. My daughter noticed the same blips and had to go back to the previous page at those points, thinking she'd missed a page, but then it became clear enough and we happily kept reading.

We both agree that we are eager to see the second part come out, although we do both wish we could get it in paper because we don't have a touch-screen device. But we'll happily accept it in any way we can get it!

Mar Mai has woven an enchanting world with an interesting story and promise of more to come. Brava!